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And so it begins…

12 August, 2010 Leave a comment

Things have gone fairly well, and in our favour, over the last few days. The flight was delayed 24 hours which meant an extra day with my wife and children, the transfer in Cyprus was delayed an hour so there was ample time to start the browning process before the final leg, and the induction days were significantly shorter than we were led to believe they were going to be. Which can never be a bad thing, can it?

Actually, in this case it did not bode well… Finishing early today did not result in the hour’s roasting session followed by an upper body blast as hoped. Instead it meant I was available to start work 18 hours early! Yup, as ever, the best laid plans fail to survive first contact with the enemy!

The only annoying thing so far has been the lack of contact with the ‘real world’ (henceforth to be called RW) and the inability of the bloody system to recognise my WiFi login 48 hours after I registered it. This hasn’t been the only reason I couldn’t get online, but it has been the most palatable.

I was here in 2007 and I wrote a journal/diary at that time which made very clear how hard it could be dealing with incoming Chinooks… 3 years on and it has not become any easier. There were 3 flew into that HLS in the middle of camp yesterday and the flags were again flying at half mast last night. It didn’t take long for the reality to hit home when I heard the first ‘wocka, wocka’ this morning…

To top it all off I haven’t even listened to any music since I arrived! I meant to chill a little last night but having been on the go for 36 hours by the time we actually finished the day’s work I lay down at 19:00 and didn’t surface again until 04:45 when we started today’s sessions.

Hopefully I’ll get to post this tomorrow and, having started the normal working routine I’ll manage to get some time to start the ‘real’ work at hand! I can but live in hope!


I know this was meant to be published on Sunday, but I do have a much better excuse for not handing in my homework than the proverbial dog!


Hmmm… 3 days on and I’m only just managing to get back online… Ah well, at least the time’s passing quickly!  I’ve met friends from across the years already and have settled in to what looks like being a very challenging few months.

Op Minimise has been on more than off since we arrived in Theatre and today we’ve heard of a Mercian who died from his injuries back in the UK. It’s hard to justify this, to anyone, let alone the families and comrades of the fallen.

I finally managed to get in touch with home yesterday, that was an emotional experience… Some quiet time was called for.  I’ve taken every opportunity to listen to music over the last day or two, some of the lyrics seem particularly pertinent.

A Few Words For The Dead:

Somewhere in history you were wronged
Teach your children to bang the drum
Tell all your family, tell all your friends
Teach your brothers to avenge

Steve Hogarth, Marillion.

Expect a full update on Sunday ;o)