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Waking Vigil

8 September, 2010 1 comment

I woke late this afternoon as I’d worked over 24 hours prior to crashing at 09:30 this morning. I had meant to get up during the day and call home but I was woken by a friend to let me know there was a vigil at 17:30 tonight.

Despite the emotions they drag up, especially when the pipes are involved as was the case today, I will not miss one of these services. How could I? I’m part of the process supporting those who do the dirty work and I, as much as you, owe my continued liberties to those who fall.

In a recent email rally with Pete we discussed how times of severe emotion have a huge impact on our writing which was, of course, the whole reason for my starting this blog. Some people drink, others look for trouble, myself? I pour my emotion out onto the page, it’s a cathartic process, and one I’ve taken to more readily on this tour than any other.

So, after a month in theatre, here’s the first new lyrical part I’ve written, Think of it as an excerpt, it was written as a stream of consciousness thing and is yet to be refined into some form of lyric.

Buzzsaws and night lights force unwanted into dreams
Cause nightingales to sing no more of distant lands of green
As dust storms clear and sirens sing to herald the return
Of Kings unsung, though not alone, to start their journey home
The men of fire shall heed the call and sell their souls to ease the pain
As Merlin’s return shall once again bring darkness to the land
The uncrowned Kings who rule this land will earn their place in time
At setting Sun we’ll heed the call and send home someone’s son

The sentiment, I think, is clear although some of the imagery is specific to things over here. I think this process will result in something greater than the sum of its parts. We’ll just have to wait and see.

As it stands I’m now holding my breath awaiting the delivery of some new music to work with so that I can form this and some of the other ideas into material Morpheus Rising can put to use, I’m led to believe I won’t have to wait long.

Until then, I’ll stand vigil…


So long… And thanks for all the Fish!

2 August, 2010 1 comment

I intended to write a lengthy blog yesterday about the acoustic Fish show I attended a fortnight ago and the Peter Green/Mostly Autumn gig I was meant to attend at the weekend.

Unfortunately Mr Green is very ill and all future shows have been cancelled/rescheduled so I didn’t get to attend that one, a shame as I was looking forward to the opportunity to say goodbye to Liv, Bryan and everyone else before I go, and thank them for their support earlier in the year during our tour.

I did, however, attend an excellent show by Fish with some good friends. It was great to see the big man so relaxed on stage, comfortable as ever, and stretching the vocal chords a little after his recent scares. He is as self-deprecating as ever and was on good form for the entire night… Highlights for me? Pilgrim’s Address and my wife forgetting the lyrics to the 3rd verse of Just Good Friends (our wedding song!) as soon as Fish handed her the mic to sing along! A brilliant show and we topped the night off with a few drinks with the Judge and Fish in Stone Roses. Good times.

I had intended to see so many people before heading off later this week but, as usual, time has caught up with me and I find myself chasing my tail as is often the case after so much time has been spent planning for the unexpected.

If I haven’t been in touch to say goodbye, and you think I should have, then I apologise. On the other hand I’m sure you’ll appreciate that my focus these last few weeks has been my wife and children.

It may seem strange but, after all the training and planning, I’m actually looking forward to getting out there and getting on with the job at hand. I’m sure time will fly and I’ll be back with those  I need and love in what will seem like no time at all… In the mean time I intend to take every spare moment to read (for inspiration) and write material for the album which the guys will be recording in my absence.

We’ve already begun 3 tracks with two completed to guide vocal stage and one at the concept stage, I have several additional ‘streams’ I’m following and Pete and I have discussed what direction we’re aiming for. All in all it should be an interesting time.

I’ll be in touch…