Save The Day

From the very first chord this song dredges up strong, dark feelings… fear, despair… desperation.  Those were my thoughts when I heard the instrumental track Pete gave me to work with.  I hadn’t written any new lyrics for quite some time and was quite daunted by the prospect, especially as Pete had been working on these tracks for quite some time and already had images and ideas of what they were about.  After we discussed those ideas it was clear we were singing from the same songsheet so to speak, and so I began…

I sat down, late at night, and started writing…

Over the last few years I’ve found myself in places most normal people would avoid at all costs.  I’ve been shot at, bombed and generally pissed off by everything that has gone on around me.  As a result of this I’ve started looking at things with a slightly different perspective, what happened to the world I played in as a kid? Why do we find ourselves in a world where everything has turned upside down? What have we got left to look forward to? And who the hell is going to sort it all out?

Without realising it I poured all that uncertainty and all those questions onto the paper in front of me… The verses are full of the questions I found running round my head at times over the last few years.  The chorus, or lack of, was a conscious decision by both Pete and myself.  The one line refrain of Save The Day, hanging over that immense guitar riff is a both a demand for someone to stand up and be counted, and a cry for help…

It was strange, I wrote the whole thing in about half an hour and when we met, all we did was change a little of the prasing.  I didn’t realise how personal the lyric was until after we’d recorded it and Pete said “You can tell you’re singing about what you know”. My initial response was “Eh?” but, now that I’ve had time to listen to it without having to think about writing the lyric, I see what he means…

I am really pleased with the way this song turned out, I feel that I have managed to produce a lyric which compliments the unbelievably powerful guitar part while adding a new dimension to the overall song.

Only one question remains… Are you man enough to stand up and Save The Day?

You can read the lyrics here: Save The Day (D127)

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