In The End

As with Save The Day this track was one of the 5 Pete and I decided to work on initially… and it was also one of the first tracks I wrote lyrics to.  After ‘knocking out’ Save The Day in short shrift I ploughed on and started writing In The End…

I’ve already explained my frame of mind at this time (see the Save The Day lyrics page) and, after bleeding my frustration all over the page for that track I found myself looking more at me rather than the whole picture.  After the situations I’ve been in I have always found people asking “Why do you do it?”, “Why did you go?” or even the classic “Why don’t you just get a real job?”… My answers to these questions have always been very diplomatic even in the face of some quite aggressive interrogators!!

This was the premise behind the lyric: Tell them how it actually feels, let them know that you have absolutely no idea whether what you’re doing is right, that you question your own morality on a near daily basis, but it always boils down to two things… if you jack it all in who will step into your shoes, and will you be proud of your actions if you quit?

I had originally written a chorus for this song which I felt summed all the questions up:

Can’t you tell me who I am?
Am I a hero or am I man?
Can’t you tell me what to do?
How will I know what to do, in the end?

Unfortunately both Pete and I felt that, with the busy twin guitar under that lyric it was just too much so we dropped it, feeling that the “How will I know what to do in the end” refrains were chorus enough… you never know we may revisit it someday.

The track is a powerful, driving track, not as dark as Save The Day, but driven none the less, and in discussions we came up with ideas such as relentless and the movie 300… this train of thought, a never-ending struggle, wave after wave of trouble, led to the repetition of the first verse at the end.  It gives the song a kind of ‘repeat in perpetuity’ feel… rinse and rewind so to speak.

As well as being written on the same night this track was recorded the same day as Save The Day and I think it shows.  The two songs are, to me at least, intrinsically linked, one a look at the global issues we face and the other a more personal look at how those issues affect an individual.

I hope you like this as much as I do…

You can read the lyrics here: In The End ( )

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