Fighting Man

The Music

I had been keen for some time to do something in 12/8 – a time signature which Maiden have used to great effect, and FIGHTING MAN was the result of that. This was another song which grew out of the bass part. Instead of going straight in for the power I wanted to try a cleaner, more haunting guitar thing at the beginning and let the song build as it progresses, and this was one of those great times when the song more or less wrote itself, I believe during spring 2007. The basics of the whole thing were written in a day, but having done that, it took a while to sort those ideas out into something coherent.

When it came to lyrics and vocals, I probably didn’t make things too easy for Graeme – I had a particular mood in mind for this, so there was no pressure there! Plus he was aware I was particularly fond of this track. I know this one was hard work for him, but the end result is something I’m very happy with.

The Lyrics

This song was very much a war of attrition. No  pun intended. I was aware that the song was something Pete considered a trademark sound for what MR would become and, as such, I placed pressure on myself to come up with something special.

Written over a much longer period than the other songs of the period it was the first track on which Pete and I worked together on sections of the lyrics.

This was the first lyric I’d written consciously about deployment overseas and was followed soon after by ‘An Ordinary Man‘ which, although also about serving in a conflict, was written from a completely different perspective.

Both of these tracks are on the ‘Fighting Man – In aid of Help for Heroes and the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal‘ single which is being re-issued for this year’s Remembrance Day.

An artificial corn poppy, worn in the United K...

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You can read the lyrics here: Fighting Man (D160)

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