Liner Notes

It’s well-known that individuals of an artistic nature are often affected by their situation. Join the ranks of the ‘loved up’ and you could be writing the next Mills & Boon classic or the next Leona Lewis #1, lose your job due to Government cutbacks and you could well be the next Billy Brag,  hear a newscast about a suicidal girl on the Severn Bridge and you may well end up writing one of the best concept albums of all time [in this author’s humble opinion].

These influences are often unnoticed until such times as someone external to the process points them out. Such was the case a little over two years ago when I first wrote lyrics for what would become the core material for Morpheus Rising’s current set-lists.

It took a friend’s comments to make me aware of the personal nature of the lyrics which would become ‘Save The Day‘ and ‘In The End‘. Of course there are occasions where lyrics are knowingly written to express deeply personal feelings, as was the case with ‘An Ordinary Man’, but in my own experience it can sometimes be a little more than surprising to read lyrics back after a little time away. An example of what I mean can be found on the Fish album ‘Sunsets on Empire‘ which was written shortly after his tour of Bosnia in the ’90s. Just listen to ‘The Perception of Johnny Punter’, you’ll get the gist.

Having recently returned from Afghanistan when I joined the band much of the material written to date expresses concern over the involvement in the conflict over there, an anger and disillusionment at the entire situation which I was unaware I was even feeling. Prior to joining the band I had kept an intermittent diary* which achieved the same cathartic process which the writing of lyrics seems to have managed since.

This is not to say that all the lyrics I write are angst ridden tomes of torment. Not at all! Some of them are simply works of fiction, expressions of desire, literary nonsense or rehashes of someone elses story, but inevitably situations out of the norm (extended Sabbatical in the sand?) will pervade thought processes and find their way onto paper and, eventually, into song.

That’s the premise of this site. I am about to return to Afghanistan and this time I am doing so with part of me intent on writing material for a new album.  As I deploy on my Last Crusade I hope you will read on and join me in the process.

Welcome to ‘Songs from a Distant Theatre‘.


Grae Tennick
19th June 2010

* Parts of that diary will, no doubt, appear on this blog as this will replace that medium in the future.

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