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Almost there…

9 December, 2010 Leave a comment

As you may have guessed from the dearth of posts over the last month or so, it’s been quite busy over here.

We had a terrible period over Remembrance with 5 days (as far as I can recall) of continuous Op Minimise which started during a Vigil service for a British KIA, in fact Minimise was called during the 2 minutes silence.

Since then we’ve had several extended periods of the same and, due to the R&R period, we’ve been running around like headless chickens trying to keep our heads above water!

It’s certainly made time fly and now, with the journey home being next month (woohoo!), thoughts are turning to life in the ‘real’ world and the return to a life which, at this time, seems  a little distant to say the least.

I’ve now started looking towards time with family, Birthdays, Anniversaries, holidays (3 so far!), a plethora of gigs to see, and all those things we take for granted in our normal lives.

For me this includes my alternative existence as the singer for Morpheus Rising and all that involves with performing, recording, promoting etc.

If you’ve been following this blog you’ll know that I’ve taken the opportunity to use my time to work on lyrics for an album we’ve been planning for some time now. For many reasons we weren’t able record the album before I deployed (mostly due to the fact that I had months of training to do before I got out the door!) and we’ve been busily planning it since we accepted that fact.

I’ve written lyrics for some of the new material the guys have sent me while I’ve been out here, I’ve written lyrics which have yet to be put to music, and I’ve written some which, at this time, seem to be vastly different to the type of thing Morpheus Rising do. It’s been a great experience but, due to the tempo over the last few weeks, I’ve been unable to work on much for some time now with only a few lines here or there as seeds for future material.

All this is good news, we’ve already more than enough material written for a full length album from the core material we toured last year, add to that the material we’d written over the Summer months and then the couple of tracks we’ve got to demo stage while I’ve been out here and we have the luxury of being able to pick what to include, the hard part will be the picking!! We’ve several working titles and are now looking to the final preparations for time in the studio to do something we’d all hoped to have done almost a year ago!

But it won’t be in the first quarter of the year, it’ll be nearer the Summer before we’re anywhere near release and even then we still need to plan the live dates to support the release… Being independent has it’s advantages, but there’s a helluva lot of work to be done by 5 guys!

Talking of live dates, we’ve three already in the planning stages for next year with a few more being looked at to make the most of any travelling we’re doing. There will definitely be a ‘returning home’ gig as soon as we can get it sorted, and we’re looking to plan a ‘Southern’ tour this year to respond to those of you who couldn’t make the Lords of the North tour last year where we accompanied The Reasoning on the Northern dates of their Adverse Camber tour with a fair amount of our own headline dates thrown in. And we’re hoping to widen the net with perhaps some bike shows or festivals thrown in for good measure… It’s all go!

Now, back to the grindstone…

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