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Somebody stole my chocolate!

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Now, it’s not often that I get upset by the little things, but this is different! 

I know the work regime on Ops is always slightly frantic and you’re expected to do that ‘little bit more’ than usual but, of late, I seem to be spending more time awake than I can recall doing so since I made a ridiculous promise in Kosovo in 1999! 

40 hour shifts, 5 hours of sleep followed by another 38 hours are taking their toll and the saving grace was knowing that, on my return to base camp, there was a lovely bar of Green & Blacks chocolate waiting for me… 

Or was there? 

Imagine my surprise when, on Saturday afternoon, after a few hours kip to recharge my flagging UPS I headed down to the CP, into the admin tent and opened the fridge. My eyes drifted towards the top shelf expecting to see that confectionery waiting patiently only to be met by a dozen bottles of nicely chilled water and… NO CHOCOLATE! 

I have one thing to say: 

“Woe betide the man who stole my sweets! I’ll find you, I’ll gouge your eyes out with a spoon all the while laughing maniacally as a man deprived of his desires is wont to do, and then I’ll get another bar sent over and eat it in the comfortable knowledge that everyone’s treats will be safe henceforth. And a pox on your family!” 

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